Published Articles

Semesters or Quarters? The Effect of the Academic Calendar on Postsecondary Student Outcomes Online Appendix (joint with Valerie Bostwick and Matthew Lang) – American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, February 2022.

IZA Discussion Paper No. 12429
Media Coverage: The Chronicle of Higher Education, AEA Resarch Highlights

Coordination and Contagion: Individual Connections and Peer Mechanisms in a Randomized Field Experiment (joint with Philip Babcock, Kelly Bedard and John Hartman), Journal of Public Economics, May 2020.

Does the Response to Competition Depend on Perceived Ability? Evidence from a Classroom Experiment (joint with Kelly Bedard), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, March 2019.

The Impacts of Reduced Access to Abortion and Family Planning Services on Abortions, Births, and Contraceptive Purchases (joint with Heather Royer and Corey White), Journal of Public Economics, November 2018.

NBER Working Paper No. 23634, IZA Discussion Paper No. 10920
Media Coverage: NYT The Upshot, New York Times, Marginal Revolution, Houston Chronicle, MarketWatch
Amicus Brief Coverage: Washington Post, New York Times, Brookings Report, Nature, C-SPAN

Juvenile Crime and the Four-Day School Week (joint with Daniel Argyle), Economics of Education Review, June 2018.

Media Coverage: Chalkbeat , NBC News

The Downside of Good Peers: How Classroom Composition Differentially Affects Men’s and Women’s STEM Persistence, Labour Economics, June 2017.

The Academic Achievement of American Indians (joint with Chris Stoddard), Economics of Education Review, October 2013.

Working Papers

Keep Me In, Coach: Can Academic Coaching Improve Marginal College Students’ Outcomes? (joint with Serena Canaan, Pierre Mouganie and Geoffrey Schnorr)

Health Care Centralization: The Health Impacts of Obstetric Unit Closures in the US (joint with Heather Royer and Corey White)

Selected Works in Progress

The Academic Calendar and Faculty Productivity (joint with Valerie K. Bostwick, Francesca Truffa and Ashley Wong)

The Role of Peer Effects in Civic Engagement (joint with Philip Babcock and Kelly Bedard)